Executives News

Executives News

Performing the duties of voluntary mind

Promoting to raise the awareness in natural resource and environment conservations (GREEN TOURISM)

Conference to publicize the action plan following the strategies of ASEAN tourism

Press conference on the arrangement of the 5th Thailand International Film Destination Festival 2017

Deputy Director-General of Department of Tourism accompanied the China’s National Tourism Authority ( CNTA) team to visit and learn about the operation of Thai Tourist Police

Sport activity 4.0

Director-General of Department of Tourism discussed with the President of Online Business Club and the team for determining the approaches in organizing the sale of products and services in tourism via online system

Permanent Secretary of Tourism and Sports visited and listened to the summary of operation of Department of Tourism

The seminar to enhance the knowledge of law according to the Act on tourists and tourist guides B.E.2551

Meeting of National Tourist Policy Board No. 3/2560

Discussing for arranging the project to promote and develop the Green Tourism and explore the area for arranging the event on Pattaya beach and Bali Hai Cape

Joining in the 84th anniversary of Public Relations Department

Integrated meeting on the cooperation of development on the standards of tourist products and services according to the Act on tourist business registration B.E.2551

"Disciplinary act on the government officials" Training

Weekly press conference of Ministry of Tourism and Sports

Songkran Festival 2017

Ceremony to sign and honorably give the certification mark to the operators of tourist business and the group of jewelry shops for tourists

Training and giving the policies in increasing the efficiency to the volunteers to facilitate and assist the tourists

National Tourist Policy Board invited the operators in the tourist industry to apply for receiving the fundamental standards of Thai tourism following the criteria

Charming Thai tourism – charming Thailand