A tourism strategy consists of 4 strategic plans, are as followed;

1. A development on tourism products and services.
2. A management on tourism
3. An encouragement to network with ASEAN’s and international alliances for a sustainable development.
4. An organization development and workflow

1. A high quality standard of tourism products and services will be assured for a tourist.
2. A tourist will be secured and be safe in Thailand.
3. A foreign movie making business will be widely invested on and will rise a national income.

1. Analyze a domestic and international tourist’s behavior to develop a quality of products and services, and to match with a demand-side.
2. Determine a standard of tourism industry to match with the market needs.
3. Promote, monitor, evaluate and assure a standard bar of tourism industry; services, tourist sites, a guide and tour guide business.
4. Regulate and support a guide and tour guide business.
5. Support and cooperate with relevant organization and networks for a tourism events arrangement.
6. Develop, conserve and rehabilitate for the tourist sites covering to the natural, cultural and human creation.
7. Cooperate and facilitate on security in tourism.
8. Promote a foreigner to make a movie business in Thailand.
9. Encourage a private sector to invest on and to create new tourism landmark which will rise up a competitive capacity to be in a high standard bar.
1. Aim to a mechanism on tourism management, which will be processed on and be networked for a sustainable development.
2. Assure a high quality and capacity of tourist personnel, who will be numerously available for a tourism industry’s needs.
3. Provide an updated information and valuable knowledge for a tourist making business and management.

1. Create formal statistics and an updated information for public use.
2. Develop an easy-to-use tourism information system.
3. Innovate a learning knowledge on tourism, including, a comparative learning with an international base.
4. Encourage a tourist personnel to have enough management skills by cooperation with a private sector, an academic institution and a tourist making business.
5. Integrate a tourist networks and whom may be concerned with an organization to create a carrying capacity on tourism industry.
6. Cooperate and support Tourism Council of Thailand, Association and a tourist making business society to entirely work together.
1. Prepare Thailand tourism to gracefully enter the gate of ASEAN Economic Community.
2. Role a tourism networking center in ASEAN.
3. Network with the alliances in tourism industry on worldwide.
1. Develop and cooperate with a relevant organization, according to the international tourism obligation, ASEAN Charter and Agreement, especially on ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangement: MRA.
2. Initiate a role of creation and promotion on tourism events which will be connectively networked with international tourist site, particularly in Association of South East Asian Nations: ASEAN.
3. Develop the terms and conditions which will be systematically get along with international tourist business, including in ASEAN.
4. Network the official tourism organization to create a business connectivity with international private sector.
5. Share a knowledge management, including an affordable tourist personnel for ASEAN and international members.
6. Create a mechanism role to enhance Thailand becoming a tourism center.
1. Manage an administrative structure and internal control to become a Smart Organization.
2. Develop a modern workflow and processing on efficiency.
3. Rise up an officer to meet in high level of a professional capacity.
4. Manage a valuable knowledge with information technology system.