Visions, Tasks


Department of Tourism is a focal organization on promoting tourism products and services in the country to meet a high standard of international bar. Of course, we encourage a foreigner to make a movie business in Thailand, and therefore, to become a central tourism landmark in Asia.



1. Promote, conserve, rehabilitate and develop attractionsand environmental quality for balance and sustainability.
2. Develop standards for products, services and tourism personnel.
3. Promote and develop tourism business, guide, tour leaderand control in accordance with the law.
4. Facilitate, protect and maintain tourism safety.
5. Promote participation and strengthen tourism management activities for all sectors to develop sustainable tourism.
6. Promote and support foreign films in the Kingdom.
7. Develop information system, and publish statistics and knowledge of tourism for planning and management.
8. Develop tourism cooperation in all sectors, both domestic and international.


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